Finally, some pictures from 2010 Letter From Angels has been published.

Here there are some of them:

Lee Seung Gi

“I love Lee Seung Gi’s Endearment Kiss for the baby. How I wish I were the baby..”

Han Hyo Joo

“I love the way the baby lean his/her head on her shoulder “

Lee Byung Hun

“the baby seems SO friendly”

Jang Geun Suk

“the baby looks comfortable being hugged by Jang Geun Suk”

Yoon Si Yoon

“both are SO cute together “

Yoo Ji Tae

“a thinker and friendly baby with a father-like Yoo Ji Tae

Lee Soo Young

“the baby seems SO sleepy”

(Someone please tell me who is he?)

“I think the baby is crying. Why doesn’t he calm the baby?

But, good collaboration anyway.. ^^”

Photographer Cho

“The man behind all these Angelic Pictures”

photocredit: twitter@4portrait; as labeled

then, which one is your favorite?

8th annual Letter from Angels photo exhibit will be held on 15 Desember-21 Desember 2010 at InSaArtCenter, Seoul

see also Lee Seung Gi’s 2007&2008 Letters from Angels photoshoot.