I think this year is gonna be another big year for Lee Seung Gi. After he won some awards in  music awards, then he won Top Excellence Show Male MC Award on KBS Entertainment Awards 2010 which was held last night. According to some fans account, his expression was really surprised. He didn’t expect (even some of his fans also didn’t even think) he could win the award. but, whatever… SEUNGGI WIN!! yayy!!! congratulation seunggi!! 😀

Besides Lee Seung Gi, 1 Night 2 Days also won many awards that night. Lee Seu Geun won the award for Excellence Show/Entertainment Male MC Award and Eun Ji Won won Best Entertainer Award. and for Happy Sunday itself (1N2D+Qualification of a Men) won Audience & Producer’s Best Program Award!

Too sad, Kang Ho Dong and Kim Jong Min didn’t won anything. I feel rather disappointed especially for Kang Ho Dong. I think he really deserved to get Daesang award.

To me, 1 Night 2 Days is the best variety show I’ve ever watched. The show isn’t only about fun, but also shows some touching moment. Besides that, the relationship between the members and the team seems SO natural.

well, the decision has been made, and we already know whose got the awards. Congratulation to all the winner!! Happy Sunday (1Night 2 Days + Qualification of Men), Lee Seung Gi, Lee Su Geun, Kang Ho Dong, Kim Jong Min, and Eun Ji Won you are  the bestest!!! 😀

Here are the list of KBS Entertainment Awards 2010 winner:

Rookie Award (Comedy)

Choi Hyo Jong (Male)
– Kim Young Hee (Female)

Rookie Award (Show/Variety)

– Kim Seung Woo (Male)
– Lee Si Young (Female)

Best Idea Award

– Gag Concert (‘Two Minute Debate’)

Best Teamwork Award

– ‘Happy Together Season 3′

Best Entertainer Award

Park Myung Soo
Eun Ji Won

Writer Award

– Lee Sang Duk (‘Gag Concert’)
– Lee Don Kyung (‘Love’s Request’)

Radio DJ Award

Yoo Hee Yeol

Service Award

‘Hope’s Road’ Team

Special Award

– Park Kolleen

Producer’s Choice: Special Award

– Kim Saeng Min

Best Comedy Runner-Up

– Park Young Jin
– Heo Anna

Best Comedy Award

– Kim Byung Man
– Park Ji Sun

Excellence Show/Entertainment Male MC Award/Variety Runner-Up

Lee Soo Geun
– Goo Hara

Top Excellence Show Male MC Award

Lee Seung Gi
– Hwang Soo Kyung

Viewer’s Choice: Best Program Award

– ‘Happy Sunday’

Entertainment Daesang

Lee Kyung Kyu

Photocredit: as labeled

source: allkpop