Who’s Lee Seung Gi?

LSG is a very popular artist in South Korea, THIS IS A FACT.  The popularity does not exist for nothing, the artist is good at acting, mc-ing, and there is no doubt about his singing skill. Not only that but he also has ‘boy-next-door’ image that makes various ranges of age, from children to adults,  loves him TO DEATH. I don’t know whether it is because of sole LSG’s effect, mere luck, or any else, Every product using LSG’s name or face are doing well and harvesting high profit. Being considered as the ‘blue chip’ in entertainment industry, also being well-known as king of ratings, almost all of his shows (either it is dramas or variety shows) showered with netizen attention, and everything involving him most probably will gain succes. Moreover, his recent album is getting positive response from music lovers, peaking #1 position in various music charts, and tallying awards from music show despite lack of promotion and tight competition among simultaneously comeback of various girl groups.

What’s Airen?

Airen is LSG’s Official Fans club


Recently, some of his butthurt fans attract my attention. I used to think AIREN as one of a very few kpop fandom that were nice, mature, and polite, but apparently all LSG’s achievement making his fans arrogant and blind. In exact word, I’ve finally found some butthurt fans in this fandom (which I almost never found before). The AIREN that I used to know was a peaceful fanclub,   they are mature and have a lot of respect to other artists. But things gotta different now, These butthurt fans bashing others (whether it’s celebrities or PD, other fandom, etc.) without hesitation in POLITE way. Yes, I say in ‘polite’ way since the way they are using for bashing is not as harsh of others fanbase bashing. Yeps,,, the words and the way in doing it are different, but the sense and the feelings are just the same as the harsh way.

Moreover, I got a little annoyed by a comment saying that someone is trying to use LSG’s name to be popular. Hello…??? They must be kidding me!! Why do some AIREN become like this, are they envy over someone else rising popularity? or are they afraid if someone take LSG’s position as the most popular artist in Korea? It’s just funny when they  keep saying ‘I don’t hate him/her, just dislike him because of several reasons’, but what I get as the main point of their comments are they hate when other people doing better than LSG, and accuse them for using LSG’s name to achieve their goals.. Whooaaa… what a MATURE thought. From this case, I can see how AIREN today is not the same with the previously I know, they don’t have respect towards other people. They are arrogant, thinking no one can beat LSG’s charm, underestimating other artist and disliking people who have different opinion from them.

Okey, I know as LSG’s loyal fans, AIREN must defend him from any possibilities that can hurt their idol, but seriously… do you want your beloved idol exist for nothing? Just showing his face, smiling, and do nothing? If they really love him as an entertainer, why don’t they just support him for everything that he does? He is an adult who knows what the best for him. What if someday LSG acts in an action movie and does many action scenes that can risk his life, then will AIREN go mad to the producer for making their idol almost lost his life? Or getting angry to his management for allowing him acting while his profession actually is a singer?

AIREN, what’s Lee Seung Gi to you?

He may be very popular now, but you will never know what will happen to him in the future. There are many new artists come and go every single day. They also have a special place in their fans’ heart. And there’s no zero possibility that someday another new artist will replace LSG position as the most beloved artist in Korea. For fans, popularity probably means everything, but for the artists, popularity is just a fruit of their hard work, and above it all, they should be pleased more if people love them as an actor or a singer, and not only because they are popular, handsome, or have good image. Like it or not, AIREN must understand that popularity soon will lose itself. And as AIREN, can’t you just support him for whatever he chooses?

LSG is loved by netizen, esp. AIREN, but you cannot deny that his charming image is an overall bundled with his talent. LSG is a good actor, but there are a lot of young actors who are doing great in acting, even better than him. LSG is a good MC, but there are many MCs that may be doing better than LSG. LSG is a great singer, he even crowned as ballad prince, but wait… there are also a lot of  new ballad singers who are also doing great recently, and they could take LSG position as ballad prince if LSG doesn’t maintain his carrier as a singer. Yes, LSG is multitalented entertainer, but what he has to do now is to decide which profession he’s going to concentrate to. Whether people will appreciate him as musician, actor, or mc. And AIREN must support his effort, not just defending him from unreasonable things.